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Love Your Socks: Who the heck are we?

So, here we are. Love Your Socks have officially rolled into this world and it's an absolute delight to be here.

Let’s start at the beginning (I hear its always the best place to start).

One day we had an thought. It went a little like this:

Happiness is super important. Given the choice, everyone would want to be happy, right? Laughing with your friends, sharing an inside joke or just smiling at a random stranger in the street. They say that happiness and laugher is contagious and its true. At Love Your Socks we want the world to be happy, its a little ambitious I know, but bare with me.

How could we bring happiness, colour, comfort and joy to people in the simplest of ways? When people are feeling a bit blue or out of sorts, our natural reaction is to close ourselves off, our body language changes and we often look down at our feet.

Often overlooked, our feet are extremely important. They are wonderful things that can take us on an adventure of a lifetime or simply from A to B. Everyday people wear socks on their feet for comfort, others for style or simply because they have to.

What if something as simple as your socks could brighten up your day? Imagine that moment when you look down at your feet and see a bright array of colour with funky bold patterns or delicious cakes and doughnuts. Before you know it there is a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

Even if we can’t change the world, we are super dedicated to making socks that not only look good but make you feel good too. If you get people telling you that they ‘Love your socks’ well thats an added bonus too!

The end...or rather its just the beginning!

We can't wait to bring you along on our Love Your Socks journey!