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Socks in a heatwave: Dont lose your cool

Pheeeeww! Feeling the heat? Dont lose your cool. We have some top tips to help you keep your cool during this epic UK heatwave.

Summer is here and if your anything like us (and the 66 million other Britons) then you are no doubt suffering in this immense heatwave. While we are delighted to get a little break from our typically mild and mostly rainy summer weather, we know that as temperatures rise above 30 degrees we really begin to feel it.

Our homes and offices have been built to insulate and keep us cosy which is a requirement 99.9% of the year in the UK. Only 3% of UK households having air-conditioning (you lucky people), so being indoors during a summer heatwave can make you become a hot sticky unpleasant mess. This makes sleeping a near impossible task, but do not fear we have a few tips that might help!

Try putting a pair of (clean) socks in the fridge. Once you put them on, your cool socks will lower the overall temperature of your skin and body (clever). This is also a great trick for generally keeping cool around the house. We recommend getting a few pairs in their now so they are nice a cool for when you need them!

If you are struggling to get to sleep in the heat, don’t toss and turn - get up and do something calming. We recommend sitting on the floor (its cooler down there) and taking this opportunity to fold your socks. This will help to relax your mind and (hopefully) make you feel tired. Grab a fresh pair of cool socks from the fridge before you head back to bed and before you know it you will be fast asleep.

Happy sleeping! Happy summer! Happy socks!

The Love Your Socks team.

P.S. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water!